About Us

Our Company Philosophy

One of the many great things you’re going to love about Sacramento Appliance Repair will be the fact that we’re a local, family owned business. As members of the Sacramento community we have a better understanding of your appliance repair needs than a nationally owned appliance repair company. When we established our business in 1997, we knew Sacramento needed and a company that would not just repair Sacramento appliances, but which would do so while offering the best possible service and advice to the community.

As a local, family run business, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that in order to enjoy the same level of success we have come to experience in the past fifteen years, we need to continue to ensure every single one of our customers gets the best service when it comes to Sacramento appliance repair. That’s why we work so hard to make sure our appliance repair teams have a great deal of training and hands on experienced when it comes to making sure your residential and commercial refrigerators, dish washers, ovens, cooking rages, grills, air conditioners, washing machines, and water heaters run as smoothly and efficiently as they possibly can.

Our Team

You can rest assured that when we send one of our Sacramento appliance repair techs to your home, they’re the best person for the job. Each of our techs has factory training when it comes to appliance repair, and also brings their own specialty to the team. When you make an appointment to have someone repair Sacramento appliances for you, you’ll be getting the very best we have to offer. You’ll be hard pressed to find more qualified appliance repair technicians in the Sacramento area. In most cases, the techs we hire will be so good, that they can make an accurate diagnosis of your malfunctioning appliance over the phone, giving you an opportunity to decide if you should have the appliance repaired or replaced.

Our Equipment

At Sacramento Appliance Repair we know that our staff can only do so much when it comes to fixing Sacramento appliances. In order to make sure that every single appliance they repair works properly, we’ve make sure that each of our repair teams has access to the best possible tools in the industry. We know that the idea that one size fits all when dealing with today’s appliances isn’t applicable. When repairing your appliances, we will make sure that every part we place in your appliance has been factory approved and has a factory warranty. We don’t cut corners when it comes to replacement parts.
Since we keep approximately 95% of all parts needed on hand, and make sure our trucks stay stocked, you will rarely find yourself having to wait for part to be shipped. Since we live here, we make sure everything we use doesn’t contain contaminants and that all the parts we remove from your appliances will be disposed in a eco-friendly manner.

Our Services

We’re very proud of the services that we offer at Sacramento Appliance Repair. All of our customers constantly comment on how professional and helpful our staff was, and they were grateful we used the best possible equipment for the appliance repair.

When you contact us about fixing appliances in Sacramento you can expect the following:

• Fair, itemized estimates that we always honor. You’ll never have to worry about hidden charges

• We match our competitors pricing

• If we can’t help with your appliance, we’ll go out of our way to find someone who can

• No-hassle emergency repairs

• We work around your schedule, not the other way around

• We’ll teach you about preventive maintenance

Our Customers

Since opening our doors to the public, we’re proud to report that Sacramento Appliance Repair has become the number one appliance repair service in Sacramento. We were able to claim that top spot by treating our customers with respect, listening to their problems, and always offering them a fair and honest deal on appliance repair. If you’re dealing with a faulty appliance, you shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’re available 24/7 to help you out.